Internship: Sample of Work: Agent Flier


Other than the postcards that agents use fliers is another option for agent advertisement. This flier was used for digital usage and print. This specific flier was to advertise the home and to gain more buyers. I changed the information and imagery for the flier. I was able to choose which images of the home would go in the flier.

One of the main challenges I had when working on this piece was making sure the information would fit on the InDesign page. I had to incorporate so much information in a tight space. The explanation paragraph containing the home information had to be able to hold the exact detailed description. The descriptions of the home interior could not be abbreviated. Below the paragraph, I had to make sure there was room for the agents’ information. I could not remove the smallest piece of information.

While working on this document I learned the importance of information. I had to learn how to make the entire documentation on the flier fit onto one page through text alignment. Although, the content is in a close arrangement, it is a success because it demonstrates a sense of visual hierarchy.

Internship: Sample of Work: Postcards



One of the many projects I did for Mary Livengood, the Branding Director for Creig Northrop Long & Foster, was creating postcards for the Real Estate Agents. This is one example of the postcards that I designed.

I was given the layout of the postcard and changed the agent’s headshot image and contact information. I chose which images to use for the front of the postcard and designed the layout. Changing the type on the postcards was the next step.

There were a few things that were challenging with this project. The first challenge was having to create multiple photograph frames in the unedited image. Before I embedded the home images I had to adjust the amount of frames on the main image. I was able to get assistance and was correctly able to use the mask tool in Photoshop. I have briefly used the mask tool in Photoshop but I could not remember on how to use it. After the refresher I was able to successfully multiply the picture frames.

Since, that I do not use Photoshop that often, I was able to gain a new skill. After the quick review of the mask tool I was able to use the tool successfully.

This work is a success because I was able to learn a new Photoshop tool to create a professional business card.


Internship: Sample of Work: Advertisement Listings


In the beginning of my internship with Creig Northrop Long & Foster team I began learning how to create the ad-lists. These home advertisements listings were to be published in newspaper. Specific advertisements went to certain newspapers. For example, one of these newspapers was The Baltimore Sun.

I was given a small list of homes that were require to be in the advertisement. After I found those homes, I then was able to choose other homes to be shown in the advertisement. There was a template already in the Adobe InDesign files, so I had to change the images of the homes. Using an Excel spreadsheet I manually changed the information of the homes. The information included was: the listing price, address, county, and how many acres the land had. I also had to list if the homes were waterfront or not. The advertisement lists varied to 36 homes to over 70.

This piece was very challenging for me at first. I do not have overall that much experience in Microsoft Excel so using the system was a challenge. Replacing the information of the homes back and forth was between the InDesign and Excel documents was frustrating. If I accidentally skipped over a line on the Excel spreadsheet I would have had to restart the entire InDesign file. I had to pay very close attention to what I was doing.

Since I was not familiar with Excel, I was able to learn how to use it. The more I used the system the easier it was for me to maneuver. I am still not completely skilled with Microsoft Excel but I did learn a lot from using it.

I find this work to be a success because it was a good starting point. This was one of the first assignments that I was required to do as an intern. I was able to learn the basic skills in order to be successful.







Internship: Informational Meeting

Two weeks ago, I had a conference call with Creig Northrop Long & Foster’s Branding Director Mary Livengood. I had the pleasure of interviewing her about how she started working in the design business.

She is a graduate from MICA: Maryland Institute College of Art. Mary studied Graphic Design. She knew from the time that she was in high school that she wanted to be a designer. Even at a young age she always drew. Her first thought as a career was to be a painter but in order to be able to support herself, she decided to go into Graphic Design. By being a Graphic Designer she could still be creative.

Not long after graduating from MICA a friend of hers called her asking if she wanted a job working at the newspaper company she worked at. At the newspaper Mary worked on creating advertisements. Also, she did some work with production and sales. After one year of working for the newspaper she decided to work for other smaller design companies. One job she did was working for AT&T designing for them on advertisements. After gaining more experience she cooperated her work and started her own successful business. She simultaneously worked at her own company and taught a MICA. For the last two and a half years she has been working for Creig Northrop the Branding Director.

Her job routine for Creig Northrop is never the same. It is not required for her to work in the office. She sometimes works offsite at other locations. Her projects can vary between working on advertisements to much larger projects. Also, she works with other companies that want to do business with Creig Northrop. As a Branding Director she negotiates what advertisements get printed for magazines and newspapers. She also writes content for articles that display advertisements or other publications. On a regular basis she works with the sale agents.

Being able to do her job she acquired many skills. One important skill is to keep an open mind. Brainstorming ideas is a very important skill in order to be a successful designer. Brainstorming is helpful for creating multiple ideas not just one. It helps making designs better and more successful. Being aware of branding standards is another important key skill. The branding message has to be consistent. Mary was able to learn all of these skills in school and by other mentors. Knowing what is appropriate for branding is very important. Over time working for various design companies she was able to practice these skills and was able to improve them. Embracing technology helped her design process. Staying up to date on design trends and knowing what is “in style” can draw more attention from the audience and buyers.

From the time Mary was in high school and earlier she was always attracted to the design field. In her words, “having an amazing art teacher in high school”, drew her more into the art and design field. Being able to be a designer she is able to connect with her creative skills and has been very successful and dedicated to her work.

For the last few weeks I was able to work with her. I have learned what it is like to work for a cooperate business. She taught me about the importance of branding, time management, and ways to be a successful designer.










Typography For Print and Web

There are many differences in between fonts and typography. As well as computer screens. I am going to explain this further.

Typography varies in both print and web fonts. Some type faces are easier to read on the screen but others not so much. The fonts can be changed to help the viewer when reading the computer screen. There are many design elements and characteristics that will be able to modify the text. Some of these adjustments are expanding the open counters, decreasing line thickness, and change the line spacing in between the words or individual letters.

Print typography and web can be very diverse. A major difference is when a web browser is viewed on multiple computer screens. Some of the simple text can appear much larger or smaller depending on the browser and the age of the computer itself. The edges of the body text can drastically change. The paragraph size and text when larger will display crowded text. The tight spacing of the text on the screen can be very difficult to read. On the other hand, the text can appear to be smaller. Either way, the computer converts to its default settings and tries to make the type easier to be distinguished by the reader.

Along, with choosing which type to use when creating a website, there are many safe to use fonts. Some of these typefaces can be: Verdana, Arial, Georgia, and Times New Roman. Some fonts, for example Arial, are easy to read in general but not the best choice to use as a web font. Both Georgia and Verdana are type specimens that are safe to use for the web and are the best fonts to use. If a web designer is displeased with their font choices the best solution is to research new fonts that can be easily dowloaded to their personal font files.

Below are a few examples of using typography for the web and also print.

10 Web Typography Rules Every Designer Should Know




Internship: The Road so Far

My internship experience has been an interesting course. In the beginning, the most challenging part was finding an internship that was right for me. I started looking for fashion internships for graphic design students. Obtaining an internship in the Fashion Industry in Manhattan, New York, NY is very difficult. I interviewed in Manhattan at two locations. I did not make the cut but that did not stop me.

Applying to internships outside of the Fashion Industry was not what I had in mind but I had to take another route. I then applied to more graphic and corporate businesses. I had an interview for Creig Northrop of Long & Foster Real Estate. I never thought about working for a company that sold homes. After my two interviews with the company I got the Art & Graphics Design intern position for the Marketing Department.

For the first few weeks of my internship I worked on the Ad Listings. I went through the InDesign template and changed the housing images and the home information. After two weeks I then got to pick which homes for the listings. I had to make sure there were specific homes to be listed for the newspaper. Along with the Ad Listings I was able to work on other graphics.

For the Creig Northrop Facebook page I created timeline images that contained information for current events. I was able to decide which images to use and create my own type. I was given certain type guidelines and phrases but I was able to place the text where I thought would fit best.

Finally, for the last few weeks I have been working with the Branding Director. I have since   created several postcards, fliers, and other ads for magazine printing and digital usage.